Vani : Where Effective Communication Fuels Outstanding Performance

Enhance your team's performance with Vani, an AI- powered app that grows with your communication needs. Simple, personalised coaching helps you excel in your career and achieve better results for your business.


Vani is trusted by 120+ enterprise clients and has empowered 34k+ employees across industries, functions and hierarchies to enhance their communication.

Communication Fitness Outcome

Learners using Vani consistently improve their communication skills and achieve specific business goals

Exude Clarity & Confidence

Reduce TATs for closure cycles, achieve zero audit observations, increase first-time resolution rates and elevate customer facetime by demonstrating expertise

Express & Engage Effectively

Expand top of the funnel lead generation, enhance in-clinic effectiveness and reduce slippages through impactful articulation of ideas

Stand Out & Inspire Action

Free up management availability, drive faster decision-making and secure buy-ins to get more work done with higher efficiency

Network & Influence Effortlessly

Cultivate client relationships, build brand credibility, become assertive and engage stakeholders through impactful meetings and engaging presentations

Learning Journey Overview

Learners undergo a transformational four-month journey with Vani:

  • Onboarding: A discovery call for effective goal setting, onboarding and baseline learner assessment
  • Personalised playbook creation: Individualised roadmaps that are in synergy with their unique learning styles and workplace communication
  • Practice, practice, practice: Consistent and trackable practice that keeps on evolving as they improve
  • Continuous personalisation: Ongoing personalisation according to the learner's progress, feedback from Vani and human coaches


Holistic Approach :
Empowering Communication, Ensuring Change

Personalisation at Scale

Our 10+ years of coaching expertise helps tailor individuals learning journeys as per industry context, role and function. We work with every learner to create a personalised coaching playbook for smart goal setting and progress measurement.

Instant feedback

Learners get Vani's AI-driven app as their coach and dedicated human coaches to ensure hyper-personalised learning support. AI-generated feedback is available instantly and expert coaches regularly review learner's progress.


Vani's proprietary assessments accurately identify learner's strengths, weaknesses and potential, resulting in goal-oriented skilling to meet desired business outcomes. Our comprehensive metrics quantify each aspect of communication fitness, and their impact on job performance.

Engaging learners

Vani uses a combination of daily exercises, periodic calls with coaches, workshops and group discussions to expose learners to varied learning formats. This enhances learner engagement and knowledge retention.

Progress tracking

Weekly reviews and monthly meetings with coaches help measure holistic progress periodically. We also include the learner's reporting manager for enhanced monitoring and support.


Industry Impact

Vani has trained professionals at all levels, enhancing their career success and business performance by providing customized coaching based on the specifics of the business, role, and individual.


89% learners were visibly more confident, held meaningful conversations with HCPs


90% improvement in structured conversations which reduced TAT.


Managers could delegate client meetings to the participants to handle independently.


59% Increase in agility to customise their conversations as per client’s needs.


Improved sales numbers as pitches improved.

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