Transforming Workplaces with the Power of Communication:
The Vani Way

Vani is an AI-powered communication coach with a 14-year legacy, having trained over 34,000 professionals to communicate with clarity and confidence. Founded on Ashish Kumar Jha’s transformative journey from linguistic challenges to journalistic success, Vani started by helping job seekers from smaller cities secure opportunities in the early 2000s’ BPO industry.

Our tailored coaching strategies are informed by extensive work with diverse professionals, understanding that effective communication is vital for business success and varies per individual. Since launching in 2021, Vani has assisted over 120 organizations in enhancing their communication skills for superior business outcomes.


Care is at the foundation of our approach, guiding us to innovate and personalise solutions that go beyond the rulebook to meet the unique needs of our coaches, clients, and colleagues.


We strive for excellence in everything we do, putting in relentless rigour to achieve the highest quality results.

Outcome Focus

We set high benchmarks & BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) to stay ahead of the curve and achieve more than any set standard.


We envision a world where every working professional is enabled to achieve their goals and become their best selves.


We upskill communication fitness of working professionals of large and medium size organizations using tech and a personalized approach to drive individual and business productivity, performance, and profit.

Our Core Team

Ashish Kumar Jha
Co-Founder, CEO

Experienced communication coach. He leads Business and Growth

Rashmi Jha
Co-Founder, CPO

Techie and a communication coach. She heads Product.

Arpit Mishra
Co-Founder, CTO

Tech leader for over 12 years. He leads Engineering.

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Vani is a communication fitness app for improving work communication through technology and individualised learning to achieve measurable and scalable business outcomes.